Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Nitro RC Models

Remote Controlled (RC) Vehicles are cool miniature versions of cars, monster trucks, boats, and helicopters. From electric models to gas models, you can find all kinds of RC toys that best suit your level of experience and skills.

While electric RC cars or boats are ideal for those just starting out in the hobby, we recommend nitro RC vehicles for more experienced drivers and sophisticated enthusiasts.

One of the reasons why nitro RC cars or helicopters are a must is their performance. They work and sound like real vehicles, only much smaller. In addition to the creative physical designs, the nitro vehicles also produce engine and smoke sounds, just like their life-size counterparts. They also offer beautiful presentations, being able to glide smoothly or run at high speeds. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are the other main advantages:

  • Mechanical sound and vehicular fumes offer a realistic experience for users.
  • Running time is longer and virtually unlimited, depending on fuel supply and driving habits.
  • Compared to brushed electric models, nitro vehicles come with 2-cycle gasoline engines or large nitro engines that make them more powerful and run much, much faster.
  • For smart hobbyists, it provides an opportunity to develop and improve their mechanical skills.

It is important to be well informed about what you will get before purchasing an RC model or any product. To know if a nitro remote control car or boat is right for you, you should also consider the following disadvantages:

  • They are an advanced type of RC vehicle and are designed for more experienced owners and operators.
  • This type of model can also take considerable time to break in and require high maintenance.
  • They are built and designed to work in outdoor environments, they are not ideal for indoor use.
  • When running it produces a lot of noise and vehicular smoke. This might not be nice for the neighbors.
  • Nitro vehicles do not come with a reverse option.
  • Depending on the circumstances, nitro fuel may not be easily accessible in your location.

As with other products available on the market, nitro RC vehicles are not for everyone. If you are a beginner in the hobby, it would be best to start looking for other models that are powered by electricity. They are much easier to operate and easier to use.

For the more adventurous and experienced enthusiast, nitro-fueled remote control models would be an excellent choice.

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