Longer Intercourse: The First Two Steps To Last Longer During Intercourse

Spend two minutes on the internet trying to figure out how to have sex longer and you’ll quickly see that there are dozens of websites that will be happy to sell you their climax control magic potion, cream, pill or condom (extra thick for diluted). fun). A major problem with “quick fixes” like these is that they only fuel the fire. They help you last longer (mainly by lessening a man’s sensitivity, making him less pleasurable), but they can also fuel the fire.

That’s right, they can feed the fire. Think about it! You get used to wearing them during intercourse and then all of a sudden you don’t have them available and guess what? you end up climaxing even faster than before. You’ve gotten so used to making love using gadgets you’ve bought to numb the sensations when you make love that when you don’t have them it’s like sensory overload and you burn out in no time. Don’t you think there is a better way (one that you don’t have to keep paying constantly)?

The first step to last longer

The first step to a longer lasting sexual relationship is accepting your need to change AND removing your stress and worry about it. This will go a long way in helping you resolve issues of this nature. This is a common problem among men, yet most men don’t realize how easily it can be solved by simply taking the bull by the horns, realizing the need to change, and then taking action.

Just as stress can hinder our performance in sports or at work, it can also hinder our performance in the bedroom. Once you decide you’re going to fix this problem (and tell your partner you’re going to, she’ll be happy to help, make it fun) and take the necessary steps to do it, you’ll gain confidence and lose the “longer lasting” relationship. stress.

The second step is:

Retrain yourself. The only reason you’re in this boat in the first place is probably due to poor training in jerking off as fast as possible to avoid getting caught or to get to the point (point of no return) as soon as possible. One way to start solving this problem is to rethink the way you play with yourself while your girl is not around. It hits the point of no return (actually just before that point) and then backs off. Once she has calmed down, resume and get to that point again and then back again. Eventually, you can do this with your partner. When you do this with your partner, stimulate her in another way. Keep your engine running towards the finish line.

This is just one of dozens of tips that Edward White has written about in an excellent book that helped me make dramatic changes in my staying power. He talks about positions that help you last, breathing techniques, exercises, male enhancement exercises, lovemaking techniques, food, and much more. The book has a lot of things that will make you be the lover that your girl dreams of so far. Once you take action and master the techniques, she won’t have to dream about it anymore. You’ll be everything she ever dreamed of.

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