Safety Tips From A Car Accident Lawyer About Driving A Motor Vehicle In A Typhoon

Driving a car during a sand or rain storm could be very dangerous, no car accident attorney can argue. The chance of being in a car accident while driving in a storm is much greater than being struck by lightning. With the added difficulties and dangers that exist during a storm, a responsible motorist should plan their driving time and route to ensure they are not traveling during a storm. However, as he tries to avoid the storm, so does all the other motorists. Any time you continue to drive while the storm is moving toward you, the chance of being in an accident increases significantly.

Wet weather driving demands delicate use of all major controls—steering, clutch, brake, and throttle—and a greater tolerance for emergencies and errors. When you start a ride in the rain, your footwear will be wet and you are likely to slip off the pedals. Scrape the soles off the rubber mat or car carpet before starting the engine. All motorists should regularly check that their headlights, turn signals, taillights, and brake lights are working properly. Decelerate! This should go without saying, but it is also very important. People are so used to driving a motor vehicle at certain speeds on certain roads that they sometimes forget the need to slow down in bad weather.

For many people, dust is something that needs to be cleaned up with a vacuum or a rag. However, in dry desert areas with limited vegetation to hold the sandy soil in place, sand and dust are easily picked up and blown by the wind. Strong sustained winds can obscure an area with dust particles and this can make driving a car in such storms very unsafe. The storm could make driving a motor vehicle difficult enough to induce most of us to pull over for a couple of minutes and wait until the storm passes.

Pay attention. Look ahead, as far as you can see. Be aware of the signs: they are there for a reason. Adapt to weather conditions: The road is very slippery immediately after the rain has started, when the surface oils are active. Braking distance is increased six times on snow and ice. Try not to speed, with proper planning it is unnecessary and only leads to frustration, you will always be right behind someone or trying to pass them, drive according to the speed limit and enjoy the open road in front of you.

Should you end up in a car accident, whether it was due to a negligent driver or a severe storm, let your car accident attorney handle your case. While driving a car, the responsibility for one’s life and the lives of other people lies with the driver of the car. For that reason, a car driver is required to comply with all the rules and regulations set by the traffic department and also to drive a car keeping in mind the following tips that will definitely make the driving experience safer and more enjoyable. .

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