What is turnkey construction? Why it is a great way to build a house

When a client is looking for a stress-free way to build their new home, they will want to hire a contractor who offers “turnkey construction” to build their home and take care of all the details.

Client responsibilities include: obtaining financing, finding the right property, choosing a floor plan, choosing colors, flooring, fixtures, wood finish, cabinet style, countertops, window and door styles, and deciding on amenities.

The contractor is responsible for: Everything related to the house that is being built. The contractor hires the excavator, frames the structure, and finishes the interior. He is responsible for purchasing the materials and hiring the subcontractors. Everything is complete down to the cabinets and the carpet. When the house is finished, the client “turns the key” and moves out. A licensed contractor will provide a post-construction warranty in addition to ensuring project performance while it is being built. The contractor accepts all the responsibilities that come with the construction of the house.

What are the benefits of hiring a turnkey contractor?

A turnkey contractor builds the client a custom home while protecting him from the headaches and stress of a construction project. The customer has a great time! They can choose their favorite comforts and colors and watch their dreams come true. When everything is done, the customer can enjoy the end result. If something goes wrong, they ask the contractor to fix the problem according to the warranty and performance guidelines. The contractor takes full responsibility so that the client can relax and enjoy watching their new home being built!

Another way to ensure that each of your construction projects has a better result is when choosing a home builder or contractor for any construction project, always hire a licensed contractor, that is the first way to save yourself from futures. Headaches. So make sure you know everything that is included in your price; get your warranty guarantee in writing; do some research, including a background check; and always ask for references. If some of the information you want for the proposal is missing, or if information is being withheld from you, those are red flags and I suggest you go ahead and find a licensed contractor who shares all the information you need to feel comfortable before moving forward with your project.

Building a home should be a fun and stress-free experience, finding the right builder allows you to have that!

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