6 Main Features of Luggage Scales

Luggage scales are a useful piece of equipment to have around the house to avoid problems with paying excess baggage fees. Most airlines set different weight limits, so it can be difficult to get right for frequent flyers. They are easy to use and can include a variety of features to meet specific needs.

Let’s take a look at the key features worth having in luggage scales:

weight capacity

Weight capacity is an important feature to consider. This needs to easily reach the maximum limits set by the different airlines. Many of the luggage scales accept a load of up to 110 pounds, which is more than enough. Also, accuracy may vary with different units. Most have a precision range of around 0.1 pounds. This is likely to give enough accuracy for most, unless you are very close to the limit allowed by the airlines.

screen lock

The weight lock is an easy to use feature that will ensure that the total weight of the luggage is kept on the screen for a certain period of time. This makes it much easier for one person to use the scale without having to hold luggage and read the display at the same time.

screen type

Weight can be displayed using analog or LCD. LCD units are easier to read if the screen is backlit. Many of the inexpensive models are particularly difficult to read in bright light. Also, LCD units will use more battery. The alternative option are those built with a traditional watch face. They are not dependent on additional battery power and are still very easy to read.

Compact size

Luggage scales are usually compact in size, which means they can be taken on any trip. This will give the option to re-weigh luggage before the return leg of the trip to avoid going over the allowance after buying souvenirs for friends or family on trips.

battery indicator

Many of the feature-rich units have a battery indicator to provide a quick reminder of the available charge left in the battery. This is ideal for those who travel frequently and need to ensure that it is always ready to go.

Auto power off

A useful function to save battery is the automatic shutdown. This is often seen on luggage scales with an LCD screen. Most units will shut down after 30-60 seconds of no activity.

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