Chemification and the law of attraction

So, you’ve seen the hit movie “The Secret,” and you’ve decided this Law of Attraction is worth checking out. You go online and read some articles about it, and you start asking the Universe for what you want and you focus on what you want.

And then you sit back waiting for that $10,000 check you hope will show up in your mailbox.

And wait… and wait… and no check appears.

In fact, everything starts to fall apart around you. Instead of more money flowing into your life, you are faced with an unexpected expense, you lose your job, or your financial future seems even more shaky and uncertain.

So, you think to yourself, “This is a bunch of bullshit,” or “The Law of Attraction may work for other people, but it doesn’t work for me.”

And you go back to doing things the way you did them before, getting the same old results but hoping that things will change for the better.

But, the fact is that the Law of Attraction works for you. It works for everyone… all the time… no exceptions.

You just have to remember that sometimes you need to change things up a bit to get things moving towards your goals. Especially in the big changes in life. Sometimes it takes losing a job to be directed to discover your dream job. Sometimes what may seem like bad luck at the time was actually a godsend in retrospect.

Well, what if I told you that once you understand the truth, you never have to worry about anything again?

The truth is, it is always a gift from God in hindsight, if you ask and stay true to your desires and have faith that what you have asked of God/Universe/Source is on the way.

This “bad luck,” also referred to by some as chemification, is actually an important process in manifesting positive change in your life, and it’s actually a good thing.

Imagine your life, which you want to improve, like a bucket of muddy water. As you make a conscious decision to make a positive change in your life and connect with Source Energy/God, and begin to make changes in your consciousness and begin to think differently, it is as if you have begun to pour water. clean and clear in your bucket. . And, to finally have a bucket of clean water, all the mud must be stirred up and brought to the surface, before it can be washed and cleared.

In Christianity this is described as Satan tempting men after they surrender to God and are born again. At that time, they are instructed to stand firm in their faith in their Lord to guide them and save them from sin.

And, that is exactly true.

The true definition of sin means ‘missing the mark’.

When your foundations start to shake, after asking the Universe for something and changing your thought patterns, stay grounded and focused on the outcome you want. Accept the “obstacle” as something that is clearing the way for what you really want.

And, it will be given… every time.

A little rain is always needed for the flowers to grow.

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